Hi, I am Migo.

  • Name: Migo®

  • Variety: Natural cross between Conference & Doyenné d’Hiver (Cepuna Cov)

  • Origins: North-west Europe

  • Texture: Smooth skin, firm and crunchy bite

  • Taste: Sweet

  • Colour: Green

Frequently asked questions.

We have spent many years conducting research. We asked real pear aficionados what they want. And we even listen to the pear haters. Why don’t they eat pears? The answer was clear: “We would love to eat a pear, but a less messy one would be great!” Therefore Migo®!

Certainly, Migo® pears must be eaten when hard and crunchy. Unlike other pears, Migo® is sweet and juicy without being messy thanks to its firmness. This makes it the perfect pear to eat straight from your hand, where- and whenever you want!

Certainly, Migo® pears must be eaten when green. Migo® pears obtain their sugars and juicyness at the start of the ripening process. This is why the pears are so crunchy, sweet, juicy, and green.

The Migo® pear can be eaten straight after purchase. Regular pears should ripen a few days in the fruit bowl, but there is no need to wait with Migo®.

Do you want to eat your Migo® pears in a few days? Keep them refrigerated to prevent further ripening. This ensures the Migo® pears will keep their firmness.

Tastefully crunchy.

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What did we learn from consumers?

“A properly ripe pear tastes pretty amazing – it’s probably one of my favourites”


“Apples are super easy – throw it in my bag and eat it whenever – I sometimes even keep one in there for a few days by accident”


“Pears taste great, apples taste different, not quite as sweet or intense, but they really are super convenient”